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MTX Audio TR12-04 - Terminator Series 12" Car Subwoofer 600 W (4-OHM)

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MTX Audio TR12-04 - Terminator Series 12" Car Subwoofer 600 W (4-OHM)

The MTX RT12-04 subwoofer boasts a 30cm (12") size with 250W RMS power handling and a 4Ω single voice coil, offering a range of features for an impressive audio experience.

Long Throw Suspension: Engineered with a long throw suspension system to reduce distortion and handle high power levels, ensuring clean and accurate bass reproduction.

Embossed MTX Logo: The one-piece cone design features an embossed MTX logo, combining style with durability for an attractive appearance.

Thick Sheet Metal Frame: Utilises a robust 1mm thick sheet metal frame for increased rigidity, providing structural stability to support high-power operation.

Large Magnetic Structure: Equipped with a large extra magnetic structure (130x25mm), allowing for greater power handling capability to deliver deep and powerful bass.

50mm Voice Coil: Features a 50mm voice coil for enhanced reliability and durability, capable of withstanding high temperatures and power levels.

Braided Spider Wires: Spider wires are braided to enhance reliability and ensure consistent performance, even under demanding conditions.

Extra-Large Spider: Incorporates an extra-large spider to provide greater excursion (Xmax), enabling the subwoofer to move more air and produce deeper bass.

Push Connectors: Utilises push connectors for secure and reliable electrical connections, enhancing signal transmission and overall performance.

SPV Technology: Features SPV (Subwoofer Protection Circuitry) technology to facilitate coil cooling, preventing overheating and ensuring long-term reliability.

ALDS Technology: Incorporates ALDS (Asymmetrical Linear Drive System) technology to enhance reliability, minimize distortion, and preserve low-level detail while handling high power levels.

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