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MTX Audio Terminator TRP8 20cm 8" 360 Watts Amplified Active Car Subwoofer Box & Bass Controller

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The MTX TRP8 is a 20cm (8") vented-powered enclosure featuring a 120W RMS Class-D amplifier and EBC remote control. Despite its compact size, this enclosure delivers impressive bass reproduction, making it a remarkable addition to any car audio setup.

Highly Efficient Amplifier: The integrated Class-D amplifier operates with high efficiency, producing substantial power while dissipating minimal heat. This efficiency ensures dynamic and precise bass performance.

Reliability: Protected by a limiter, the amplifier can be used at maximum capacity without compromising reliability. This feature provides peace of mind during prolonged usage.

Remarkable Subwoofer Design: The 20cm subwoofer boasts a high-quality finish with an injected, brushed, and electroplated cone. Its magnetic structure enables it to withstand the power output of the amplifier without overheating.

Monobloc Enclosure: The enclosure is constructed as a single unit, enhancing rigidity and preventing vibrations. This design minimizes distortion, ensuring clean and accurate bass reproduction.

Versatile Application: The TRP8 powered enclosure complements original car audio installations with four speakers connected to the head-unit. It also enhances the performance of upgraded speakers, such as the MTX TX2, TX4, and TX6 series, by adding deep and powerful bass.

Hearing Protection: MTX prioritizes your hearing health and provides guidelines to prevent hearing damage from excessive volume exposure. These recommendations, outlined by the United States Department of Labor, advise on safe listening levels for various durations.

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