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Phoenix Gold Ti312D2X - 12 inch 2400W Dual 2 Ohm Voice Coil High Excursion Subwoofer

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Phoenix Gold Ti312D4X 30cm 1200W Subwoofer (2x 4 ohms), 60mm peak deflection

The Ti3 subwoofers represent the pinnacle of Phoenix Gold's engineering prowess. Featuring high-precision wound 76mm / 3" voice coils, these subwoofers also boast the legendary triple LED lighting for the dust cap, offering adjustable colour options or complete removal if desired.

Best Possible Power Delivery at 1000-1200W RMS: Each Ti3 subwoofer is optimally rated for power delivery between 1000 and 1200 watts RMS, ensuring maximum performance while maintaining durability. Exceeding 1200W RMS may lead to excessive heat generation without significant power increase.

Low-Grade, Powder-Coated Die-Cast Aluminium Basket: The robust die-cast aluminium basket provides ample air movement around the diaphragm for optimal performance.

60mm Max. Membrane Deflection: Allows for impressive air movement, resulting in enhanced bass output.

Huge 3-Fold Ferrite Magnet System: Features a 3-fold ferrite magnet system with each ferrite ring measuring 20mm in height and 19.5cm in diameter, ensuring extreme magnetic flux for powerful bass.

Finest Japanese, Ultra-High Temperature Resistant 76mm (3") Copper Voice Coils: Utilises 76mm (3") high-precision wound Japanese voice coils that are ultra-high temperature resistant, housed in a vented titanium-aluminium voice coil carrier for improved performance and durability.

Long-Throw Dual Spider Suspension: Provides precise linear deflection even at high volumes, ensuring accurate bass reproduction.

Extremely Rigid Composite Material: The unique hybrid membrane is constructed from thick, air-dried paper and sealed with a plastic dust cap for enhanced rigidity and durability.

Double-Sewn, Highly Flexible Butyl Rubber Bead: Ensures stable and linear frequency response for consistent sound quality.

Triple LED Illumination: Optional blue triple LED illumination adds visual flair, with customisation options available.

Push Terminals: Central arrangement of push terminals ensures optimal signal transmission, with solid nickel-plated push connections accommodating cables up to 5mm².

Radial Pole Plate Ventilation: Machined poles and a blackened three-inch voice coil aid in heat dissipation, while a ring of holes around the pole core bore provides additional ventilation.

Phoenix Gold Ti3 subwoofers are engineered to deliver unparalleled bass performance and durability, making them the ideal choice for demanding car audio enthusiasts.

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