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Phoenix Gold Z112ABV2 12" 160W Active Subwoofer Enclosure with Built-in Class A/B Amplifier

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Phoenix Gold Z112ABV2 12" 160W Active Subwoofer Enclosure

Quality Sound and Aesthetics

The Z112ABV2 is an active subwoofer enclosure meticulously designed and engineered to deliver premium sound quality and exceptional aesthetics. With 250W RMS and 1000W Max power output, this enclosure features a built-in Class A/B amplifier for high-quality sound reproduction and efficient power delivery.

Built-in Class A/B Amplifier: Incorporates a built-in Class A/B amplifier known for its superior sound reproduction and efficient power delivery.

Bass Reflex Tuning: Utilises bass reflex tuning to enhance low-frequency response and elevate overall bass performance.

High- and Low-level Inputs: Offers both high- and low-level inputs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio systems and sources for maximum flexibility.

Precision Constructed Trapezium Enclosures: Crafted with precision, the trapezium enclosures optimise internal volume and shape, resulting in superior sound quality.

Remote Control & Wiring Kit Included: Comes complete with a remote control and wiring kit, including power and signal cables, for convenient installation and operation.

Why Choose Phoenix Gold:

Phoenix Gold is dedicated to providing a car audio experience that immerses you in musical realism, whether you're cruising the streets or attending a live concert. Our commitment to performance, innovation, quality, and excellence ensures that we deliver The Gold Standard in Sound.

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